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romney. there are different stakes for different candidates. nonetheless, it is clear that today's voting could possibly reshape this race for the republican presidential nomination. mitt romney campaigned hard across ohio hours before the polls opened asking youngstown voters to carry him to victory on super tuesday. romney is locked in a dead heat there with rick santorum. >> thank you! >> reporter: the former pennsylvania senator had a lead there but started to fade after romney's three-state sweep last week. santorum admits a win in ohio is crucial. >> i would make the argument that it may not be make or break, but it will be a huge, huge deal. >> reporter: ohio is considered the biggest prize today because it's a battleground state in the general election. romney says he is the republican candidate who can win come november. >> what we need to talk about to defeat barack obama is getting good jobs and scaling back the size of government and that's what i do. >> reporter: mitt romney and ron paul have a decided advantage here in virginia today. they are the only two republican preside
. it was a good day for mitt romney. he won the most states and delegates. but for all these candidates victory on super tuesday is in the eye of the beholder. mitt romney squeaked out a victory in ohio. he fought a tough battle with rick santorum to take the critical swing state. >> we are counting up the delegates and the days until november and that looks better. >> reporter: with super tuesday victories in five other states, he is already talking like the gop nominee. >> as president, i will get our competent back on track and get our citizens back to work. and unlike president obama, i actually have the experience to deliver on that promise. >> reporter: evangelical voters helped rick santorum finish on top in tennessee and oklahoma and put north dakota in his win column. >> we have won in the west, midwest and the south and we are ready to win across this country. >> reporter: the candidates will divide up the super tuesday delegates. they are chasing the magic number to clinch the nomination. 1144. mitt romney leads. santorum's camp wants to frame this as a two-man contest with romney sa
to say about the u.s. soldier accused of shooting rampage. >> bit romney pockets another win in pr. out tomorrow's illinois contest could be a big game changer coming up. >> they had to delay a soccer match in athens grease twice because the crowd got so violent. finally they stopped the play for good and sent the players off the field. one of the teams was punished earlier in the season because of its violent fans. >> a lawyer for a army sergeant suspected of killing 16 afghan civilians plans on meeting face- to-face for with his quiet today. bales has not yet been charged. attorney john henry browne says he did not know if he was suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder at the time of the shootings but it could be an issue at trial if experts believe is relevant. >> mitt romney writing an overwhelming victory into the presidential primary in illinois. he wrote won the republican contest in a landslide. so far he has 83 percent of the vote in pr. newt gingrich and ron paul barely registered a blip on the meter. mitt romney told supporters his big win in pr is proof he could get sup
finished second in both and mitt romney in third. duarte geraldino has more. here we go again. newt isn't dropping out. no one is showing love to mitt romney. there is santorum saying we did it again, right? >> reporter: santorum is saying now he has momentum and could clinch the nomination. but when you look at the numbers, it still suggests that romney is in the lead. now, many folks in the santorum camp believe that if gingrich were to drop out santorum would get those votes. if you look at the research and depending on whose you look at, a survey of likely voters in alabama and mississippi showed that of those tea party voters they are split between santorum and gingrich. gingrich's camp on the other hand says that were he to drop out, then romney, not santorum, would get voters that would normally align themselves with gingrich. for them, social issues are most important. >> at this point, you know, clearly it's not working for mitt romney in the south. he is really struggling. do you think he is going to change his campaign strategy at all. >> reporter: you know, mitt romney has
morning. detectives found herself phone the next day about a half mile away. >> mitt romney is continuing his momentum with an impressive win in the illinois primary. he nearly got the majority last night with about 47 percent of the vote. rick santorum was 12 percent behind. you gingrich and ron paul our third and fourth. mitt romney focuses on his financial data battle with obama in november >> we share the conviction that the america we love was in trouble and adrift without strong leadership and three years of barack obama have brought us fewer jobs and shrinking paychecks but many of us believe we were in danger of losing something more than the value of our homes. >> santorum remains upbeat looking forward to the next contest. in magellan strategy's poll shows he has a 13 point lead over romney gingrich in a close third. >> i am ready for sunshine >> it ain't going to happen. unless you are right at the coastline. tell you what, we will see some patchy fog in a mixture of sunshine. outside we go and mostly clear over the bay right now. temperatures are not too bad, fairly mild in th
in the commissioning ceremony for a coast guard cutter. mitt romney was formally endorsed yesterday by president george h. w. bush. he is indulging that he meets occasionally with newt gingrich. he says their interactions are part of an ongoing friendly discourse and not secret strategy sessions. newt gingrich is a distant third but insists he is still in the running. the latest campaign news is always on our website. >> u.s. supreme court justices might need to keep a big secret for the next couple of months. they're not expected to issue their role in until june. between now and then the justices will write their opinions on the case. they heard six hours of arguments. how about a little bit of weather? >> we have some rain coming our way and we see some light showers right now in parts of the north bay. '60s and '70s outside today. radar is showing most of the moisture located north of the golden gate bridge and that is where will stay for the better part of the day. as we get into tomorrow, we have a more significant storm coming in. it is all part of a system that has been pummeling the pacific no
romney has a new high-profile endorsement, former florida gov. jeb bush. he released a statement saying now is the time for republicans to unite behind the governor but the endorsement was overshadowed by comments that a romney aide made on cnn. he was asked whether or not mitt romney has packed too far to the right to appeal to primary voters >> i think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign, it is almost like an etch sketch, you can shake it up and started all over again. >> rick santorum said the comet is a signal to voters that romney plans on running as a blank slate in november >> we have a cold front moving through town this morning. exciting? >> no >> it does not look like much. we see some white sprinkles and light showers early on but not all lot out there. a little damp out there on the roadways but otherwise not that bad. a very weak system heading through. temperatures right now running in the '40's and 50's but those clouds will be moving out rapidly. you can see the cold front moving through with not much moisture in it and as it moves through, a couple of sprinkles
in the republican race for president specifically the michigan primary. mitt romney won but the delegate county showed 15 each for romney and santorum based on congressional districts. yesterday a state party committed voted for a change giving romney a 16-14 edge. meanwhile, it's just four days until super tuesday when 10 states will hold contests. romney campaigned yesterday in one of those states north dakota. santorum stumped for votes in washington state. a state that will hold caucuses tomorrow. >> we're real excited about our chances in washington. we can surprise a lot of people. >> we'll take america back from barack obama. >> newt gingrich is hoping to win georgia the state he served as congressman. ron paul will campaign in washington today. >>> people in iran are voting today choosing the country's 290-member parliament. in some areas, there have been long lines of people waiting to cast their ballots. it is the first major voting since the disputed re-election of president mahmoud ahmadinejad in june of 2009. >>> and the government of syria is claiming victory saying it is now in c
. gingrich and santorum have split the conservative vote giving mitt romney the lead but santorum says in the end, he believes voters will flock to the most conservative candidates. >> we think that the folks in mississippi and alabama are going to vote for the conservative who represents their values that can present the best contrast for president obama. >> gingrich says that he expects to do well in both alabama and mississippi. mitt romney did not campaign this weekend. >> took a few days off. >> finally. >> going strong for about nine months now. >>> it is 5:11. we have some good news for bart riders. >> how the transit wants to lower fares. >>> and it's almost a done deal. the contract to keep alex smith with the 49ers for a few more years coming up. >>> been looking forward to some rain? i have! we have a lot on the way. we'll talk about that coming up next. ,,,,,, getting ready to plant? chances are your soil is like this: compacted, drained of nutrients. it'll hold your plants... but it'll also hold 'em back. the solution: miracle-gro garden soil. the perfect mix of rich, orga
with the cuban president and possibly his brother. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney is making a fund-raising swing through the bay area. romney who owns a home in california, will be in the state today and tomorrow. among the events, dinner in redwood city where donors will pay up to $25,000 to attend >> i guess today is the pick of the wheat >> it is, today is the best chance for a dry day. if you like dry weather at the, temperatures will still be on the cool side. temperatures mostly in the low to mid-40s. we are seeing a few low clouds across the bay and the coast but for the most part we're mostly clear. by later this afternoon it looks like we're staying dry for one more day. cooler temperatures mostly in the upper 50s to the low 60s. a different story heading our way. that is the low pressure system that brought us the rain over the weekend. a little bit of snow showers in the sierra. high pressure is giving us a break and then the second low pressure system will have our way on tuesday. monday, pretty much nothing going on until midnight. rainshowers start in the north
research group poll showing mitt romney has a narrow edge over newt gingrich in mississippi and in alabama, though, gingrich has a lead over romney. of course, gingrich from georgia. rick santorum is running third in both states. ron paul who has not campaigned in either of the two states a distant fourth. caucuses will also be held today in hawaii and american samoa. >>> new criticism of pg&e for poor recordkeeping on its natural gas pipelines. the staff at the public utilities commission issued a report saying that the records are disorganized and hard to access. they are looking into whether the lapses violated state and federal laws. they are also examining whether the problem contributed to the catastrophic rupture in san bruno in 2010. >>> the city of san bruno must now decide though how to use $70 million from pg&e. it is part of a settlement for pain and suffering caused by the pipeline disaster in 2010. the mayor says that the deal emerged after long intense negotiations with the utility. the payment will come out of shareholders' pockets, not ratepayers. >> they should help the p
state tea party. the republican establishment is rallying around mitt romney >> the hopeful is winning more high-profile endorsement. former president george h. w. bush is expected to back his bid for the nomination. last night romney also picked up an endorsement from florida senator marco rubio who says it is time for the primary fight to end. charges have been filed against the jet blue pilot who had a mid-air meltdown >> he apparently yelled about a bomb and told passengers to pray while they were holding him down. he said " we need to take a leap of faith and we're not going to vegas ". that is when the co-pilot lock him out of the cockpit. he yelled at an air traffic controller, turned off their radios, dimmed the monitors and when they bought them out passengers say he started to cause a panic on the flight. >> i am looking at this happening and he is getting more violent and now he is starting to say to pray to jesus and he started yelling to the flight deck, a throttle to idle, bring the plane down, al queda is here >> passengers helped subdue the pilot and if convicted he fac
. >> stockton is today's first thought for mitt romney. he is scheduled to meet with san diego chargers alex spanos and then he heads back to southern california for fund- raisers. he hosted a fund-raising dinner in redwood city last night. tickets range from 1000-$2,500. the presidential hopeful hopefully did not see protesters outside. newt gingrich has come up with a interesting way to help raise money for his campaign. he was in delaware yesterday three weeks before the primary there and charge supporters $50 to take a picture with him. he is rejecting calls to drop out of the race >> are you fed up with your cell phone company? do you need an iphone? how customers are now fighting back >> a woman arrested after getting three speeding tickets in one hour. the emergency she says she was racing to >> in storm system moving through the area right now. when ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> here's a look at some of this morning's top stories. a sentence is the man suspected of killing five people last week had been ordered deported several years ago after serving a prison term for armed robbery. vietn
today to have their say about the republican presidential nomination. a new poll shows that mitt romney has a 44-30% over roxanne dorm in illinois. rick santorum is scrambling to clarify a comment he made yesterday. he said " i don't care what the unemployment rate will be " >> of course i care about the unemployment rate but i'm saying that my candidacy is not in on whether it goes up or down, it is about something that transcends that, it is about freedom >> a person who was also running says today that he does not care about the unemployment rate, i do care about the unemployment rate and it does bother me. >> rick santorum has a disadvantage, he is not eligible to win 10 of the illinois 54 delegates because his campaign failed to file paperwork. >> the army staff sergeant accused of killing 16 civilians says his memory of the massacre is sketchy according to an attorney. a lawyer says he remembers some details from before and after the killings but very little during the time of the rampage. the army is expected to charge him later this week. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is
and mitt romney. >>> i think gingrich and company are going to hang in there until the bitter end. hi, mr. lawrence karnow. >> well, good morning to both of you. good morning, folks. out the door we have chilly temperatures to begin with. but what a day it's going to be weather-wise. a lot of sunshine coming our way as high pressure builds in. a beautiful day to the coastline. big changes come. the storm door may open up and we could see much-needed rainfall in the bay area as a series of storms heads our way. freeze warnings in the valleys, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. so watch out for that early on this morning. 68 the expected high in fresno and sunny, 60 yosemite. looks like continued beautiful weather here for the next couple of days. 68 in redwood city today, 62 half moon bay. east bay temperatures into the 60s and low 70s. numbers crank up high as 73 degrees in the afternoon and 70 degrees in petaluma. next couple of days beautiful such, above normal temperatures, saturday sea breeze. cooling temperatures. storms heading our way next week. that's a look at weather. here's eliza
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15